Why prefer professional bleaching treatment?

Having a bright and beautiful smile is what most people dream of. There is nothing better than a sparkling smile. But if you have stained or yellow teeth it can damage your beautiful smile. Discolouration of teeth is a common problem among many people today which is why many people choose dental whitening treatment to clean their teeth and enhance their smile. Dental whitening is considered as one of the least expensive treatments that can enhance your faded smile. You can get it done at your home or at a dental clinic, whichever suits your better. The treatment is done using various utensils and techniques and products.

How teeth whitening works?

Bleaching is the most common technique for teeth whitening. Bleach works on the highly coloured molecules that clogs between the tooth enamel. The organic particles in your teeth are responsible for discolouration of teeth. For curing such stains, bleach solution is applied to the teeth and left on the teeth for around 30 minutes. The process continues till organic particles in the teeth become colourless. Bleaching is ideal for yellow or brown stains on your teeth. But bleaching also has a few disadvantages. Bleaching does not help in removing greasy stains and it does not whiten the bonding materials or fillings in your teeth. So if you have severe plaque in your mouth then bleaching is not recommended for you.

Is dental whitening safe for your teeth?

In dental whitening procedure, the chemicals used for the treatment do not really affect the mineral structure of your teeth. Studies suggest bleaching is very effective for dental whitening. But you must be aware of its side effects too, the most common of which is tooth sensitivity. You must visit a dentist who will take the necessary precautions and minimise sensitivity that bleaching may cause to your dental roots.
Some of the most commonly used bleaching products are hydrogen peroxide and carbide peroxide. They offer a more stable compound and a longer shelf life. The material is less risky and avoids dental sensitivity. The professional bleach can lighten up to 10 shades within an hour. For people who are having severe discoloration may require some more sittings.

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