What Is Ingrown Hair? What Causes Ingrown Hair?

Many of us suffer from ingrown hair. You may find a bump on your face or body which is not a pimple but looks like a pimple. It may be an ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is the type of hair which gets curled around and grows back in your skin. Ingrown hair can occur due to the dead skin. Dead skin often clogs the hair follicles in the skin. This forces the hair to grow inside the skin instead of growing in the outward direction. Ingrown hair can also cause if you cut the naturally curly hair too close to the skin. This sharpens the tip of the hair and pierces the skin which leads to having an ingrown hair. However ingrown hair is not a very serious problem but it can cause a lot of irritation on the skin.

How they appear?

Ingrown hair causes extreme irritation to the skin. It can also cause a Red bump on your skin which looks like a small pimple. Sometimes it may also look like a sore heat boil on your skin. Ingrown hair can cause itching and make you uncomfortable. If you have too much growth then you may find pus in the bumps. Men often suffer the problem of ingrown hair. In the case of men, the ingrown hair pop up as a group of little bumps on their cheeks, chin, or neck after they shave. Women often get the ingrown hair on their legs, armpits or pubic area.

What are the causes of ingrown hair?

It is quite common today. Many people get the ingrown hair on their body. But the people with curly hair often are more prone to have the ingrown hair. Curly hair is more prone to re-enter the skin if cut or shaved too close to the skin as they are more likely to bend back.

Individuals who have high levels of sex hormones can have extreme hair growth on their body. This increases the possibility of having ingrown hair, especially after shaving. These problems are quite common in people from Africa, America, and Latinos. People from these places have thicker and curlier hair. In these countries, ingrown hair is often called as razor bumps. It is quite common to have ingrown hair especially after you shave, wax or tweeze the unwanted hair on your body. As the hair grows back it appears thicker and sharper at the edge. This pokes your skin and gets trapped under the skin’s surface.

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