What is Heartburn? How is it different from Indigestion?

Indigestion and heartburn are commonly considered as the same condition, but heartburn is a type of indigestion that occurs when acids in the stomach escape into the esophagus.

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is a condition that occurs due to the outburst of acids flowing from stomach to the esophagus area. The lining in the esophagus does not have the similar protective layer which permits stomach to control these powerful acids which is why when this acid flows into the esophagus, a process called Acid Reflux begins. Acid reflux causes a very niggling pain into the chest and throat which we call heartburn.

Heartburn is a very common condition and more than 20% of the Americans experience this condition on a weekly basis. It is one of the most prevalent condition present in people of all ages from children aged 4-5 to older adults, including both males and females. Heartburn often lasts from few minutes to up to several hours Heartburn usually occurs during the night time and can be very painful. It can deprive you off a good night’s sleep.

What Causes Heartburn?

Heartburn is mainly triggered by eating food that is high in cholesterol. Some of the most common foods that cause heartburn, include greasy food like fries, hot oily wings and fried food. Eating food that has a high cholesterol content in excessive quantity can cause immediate heartburn.

Alcoholic or carbonated beverages also cause heartburns. Especially people who are overweight often suffer heartburn. If you are not very overweight but have put on a few extra pounds then it can exert enough pressure onto your stomach causing acid to get back up into your esophagus.

What is Indigestion?

Indigestion is a more common phenomenon and is commonly termed as an upset stomach. Stomach ache or even a bellyache is caused by indigestion. It is an uncomfortable feeling that one generally gets after eating.

In most of the cases indigestion is caused by overeating and eating at a fast pace. It may also be caused by eating food which does not respond well. Indigestion is caused by food which is typically high in fat. Chewing with mouth open can also lead to indigestion.

What is Heartburn How is it different from Indigestion

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