What Food Should You Avoid During Depression?

Many experts believe that a healthy diet can be very helpful in fighting depression and make you feel better. But, it is very important to understand which foods items are good and bad for you. Eating  junk food can worsen your depression.

Some of the worst culprits are foods that contain excessive amounts of:

  • Saturated Fat
  • Heavily processed ingredients
  • Caffeine
  • Refined Sugar

Stick to a healthy diet and also include proper exercise into your daily routine. Regular diet can be very helpful in taking control of your depression or even make them go away completely.

Foods which You Should Avoid

Eating regular meals at regular intervals is the first step to have a healthy diet. Here are some of the items which you should avoid.


Many people will find it impossible to eliminate caffeine completely from their lives. But the amount of caffeine taken daily must be reduced. Especially, when you are experiencing symptoms related to depression. Caffeine can change the sleeping routine of patients making them anxious, which is very bad in treating depression. People who consume about 400mgs of caffeine every day which is equivalent to four cups of brewed coffee must immediately cut down their intake.


Reducing the intake of refined sugar is a very good way to lighten up your mood. Sugar is known to make you feel more energized initially, but won’t take very long to put you back into that negative mood. Always stick to food which will keep your blood sugar normal.

Illegal Drugs and Alcohol

Many people who suffer from depression tend to switch to alcohol or other popular methods of self-medication. It might provide you relief for short term relief but they will certainly make things much worse in the long term. Alcohol and illegal drugs also disturb sleep cycles and can cause mood swings and anxiety. If you are on any kind of prescription medication, then drugs and alcohol can make you experience many negative side effects.

If you are having trouble leaving alcohol or drugs then it is recommended for you to consult a doctor at your earliest who will help you make changes to your daily life.

What Food Should You Avoid During Depression

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