What causes baldness in females

Baldness can often make people feel and about themselves in public and lead to a lack of confidence. Baldness is a natural process in men that usually occurs when they cross their 30’s. The process may even start earlier or later depending on the heredity. Baldness may occur due to several reasons. Following are some of the most common reasons responsible for baldness.


Today, the presence of pollution in the air that we breathe has become a serious problem. It is responsible for many health issues. Baldness is the common problem that occurs due to the toxins and carcinogens in the air. They makes our hair roots weak and damages them severely leading to hair loss. If you are required to travel everyday in polluted air, it is strongly recommended for you to cover your head while you travel. This will reduce the direct impact of pollution.


In the fast and challenging world of today it has become very difficult to keep yourself stress free. Every one of us has to deal with certain pressures at home and work life that affect us pretty badly in the long run. If you are unable to manage this stress then it may cause health problems. The stress hormones may cause the hair fall as they will imbalance your body’s healthy hormones. This is why managing stress is very important.

Harmful and Untested Hair Products

We often use hair products for styling our hair. While styling our hair certainly enhances our outlook but due to regular use of hair straighteners or ironers, you hair can get severely damaged, if you do not oil them regularly. Styling products also includes styling gels, sprays, hair blowers, etc. Excessive heat from electronic products can make your roots weak and lead to hair loss. Choosing the right hair product is essential for long term health of your hair.

Bad Eating Habits

The food you consume plays a very important role in the overall health of your hair. If your hair is weak, you should consume protein rich food. Protein channelizes hair growth and strengthens your hair. Eating salty and oily food can be harmful to your hair.  This can cause many other health issues as well. Always make sure that the food you consume is not harmful for your health.

What causes baldness in females

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