Treating Foot Fungus At Home

Foot fungus is most commonly known as athlete’s foot. Fungus as we all know is attracted to moisture. If your feet are deprived of oxygen, they are likely to suffer from fungal infection caused by excessive moisture surrounding your foot area. Fungal infection can be both painful and nasty looking. If it is not treated on time, foot fungus can spread to toes, knees and hands. However, it is not a disease that needs expensive medical treatment and can be easily prevented by effective remedies.

Remedies For Foot Fungus:

Following are a few essential tips that can help you prevent foot fungus:

  • Change your socks after every six hours.
  • Do not wear tight shoes.
  • Avoid wearing nylon socks .
  • Wash your feet and dry them twice a day.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water as it keeps your body hydrated and helps against infections.
  • Do not wear socks on dirty feet.
  • Cut your nails regularly as to prevent dirt from clogging into your skin.


Vinegar is a magic ingredient in your kitchen. It acts as a remedy for several chronic diseases for its anti-fungal properties. Add a few drops of vinegar in warm water. Repeat this remedy for a month until the irritation and fungus complete go away.

Aloe Vera:

Cold aloe vera gel is another great remedy for foot fungus. Mash the aloe vera gel, mix it with mint water or crushed mint leaves. Apply this mixture on the affected area and let it dry. Aloe vera is anti-fungal, antibacterial with healing properties. As the gel dries the effects of fungal moisture diminish.


Salt has great antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. If your foot fungus is causing you irritation and itching, add some salt in water and dip your feet in it for 15 minutes. Once done clean your feet with normal tap water and let it dry.


Garlic is another effective remedy against foot fungus. Mix garlic with olive oil to reduce the strong effect of garlic. Apply this paste on the affected area. If you feel like garlic is coming too strong on your skin, increase the amount of olive oil in the mixture.


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