Top Remedies for Longer and Thicker Hair

Do you dream of having thick and long hair? Beautiful hair does not come easy. You have to give it proper time and care. If you are not satisfied with your hair or seek faster hair growth then the following remedies will be really helpful for you.

Trim your hair regularly

Yes trimming hair regularly is very important. Regular trimming of hair eliminates split ends and also terminates hair breakage. This will help your hair look healthy and lustrous. Regular trimming is also helpful in increasing hair volume.

Keep a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp is key to beautiful hair. Always make sure that your scalp is dandruff free and healthy. Dandruff can drastically reduce your hair growth and also cause hair fall. If you have got dandruff in your hair first treat that, because dandruff can slow down hair growth. Always make sure you nourish your hair properly. Nourishment provides stimulation to hair growth and a healthy scalp.

Avoid using heating styling tools

Styling tools like hot rolls, electric hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers are very harmful to your hair if used regularly. Heating damages your hair and makes your scalp excessively dry. It may make your hair dry, dull and frizzy. This can cause hair breakage and split ends. Avoid using heating styling tools. There are many heat protectant serums available in the market, you can use them while styling your hair.

Do not wash your hair with warm water. Steamy shower can really damage your hair as hot water absorbs all the moisture in your hair. This makes your hair more dry and rough. Wash your hair with cold water instead, it will lock the cuticles and provide strength to your hair.

Mustard for hair growth

Mustard powder is ideal for faster hair growth. Mustard generally increases the body heat so if you apply it to your head then the heat will instantly increase blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Take 2 tsp. of mustard powder and add two eggs to it. Mix some sugar and castor oil to the mixture and apply it generously on your head. Leave the mixture for maximum 20 minutes and then rinse off with your favourite shampoo. Repeat this twice a week.

The above tips are very helpful for your hair growth journey. They will really help you in growing your hair faster naturally.


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