How to apply pore strips for black spots

A black spot, which is also known as an open pore, is a small bump yellowish or black that is present in the skin. The black dots are classified as a type of acne vulgaris. These are seen due to the accumulation of excess oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands. It is most commonly seen in the region of the nose and of the cheeks, just around the nose. People are always looking for ways to remove black spots. A simple way is to use pore strips. These are small white strips that are roughly rectangular in shape and help get rid of black spots. Details on the use of these strips are shown to eliminate the problem of black spots.

What are the pore strips?

Black spot strips are specially designed to remove excess oil and sebum on the skin while getting rid of small black protuberances. These can be used on the nose, forehead, chin and parts of the skin. In these strips, there is a coating of glue on one side. This glue is the main component that binds to dirt and sebum on the skin. Once the pore strip is dried, it peels the pimples and oil them.

Using pore strips for black spots?

First, clean your nose. It needs to be clean because any contamination interfere with proper adhesion of the strip to the nose. It’s better if you try to open the pores of the skin or soften a bit before using these pore strips. You can do this by taking a steam or hot water. Make sure the nose is wet and then place the strip on the nose to get rid of black spots on the nose. Make sure the strap is firmly placed on the nose, with no air bubbles present. Wait about ten to fifteen minutes to let the strip dry. Once the strip is dry, start peeling the sides and then gradually move toward the center. Once the strip is removed, wash your face thoroughly and clean.

How to apply pore strips for black spots

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