Natural Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

Nothing can enhance your beauty as your long, smooth and stylish hair. This is the reason why many girls today adore thick and long hair. Long hair gives you the freedom to try your favourite hairstyle. That’s the reason why many individuals are trying various tips and tricks to get those long and flawless hair. Following are some easy tips that will help you in growing your hair faster.

Onion juice

Using onion for hair growth treatment is quite popular as it is easily available in your kitchen and has beneficial effects. Onions improves the appearance of your hair, it strengthens your hair and gives it a thicker and fuller look. Take one red onion, three cloves of garlic and one stick of cinnamon. Put some water in this mixture and boil. Once it is boiled make a smooth paste and gently apply after cooling. Massage in circular motion for some time and rinse it off. Do not try this treatment if you are using any hair dye products as onion will strip the hair colour. Repeat the treatment twice a week for best results. Onions will improve the appearance of your hair and also help them grow faster.

Potato for Hair Growth

Although onion juice offers best results for hair growth treatment, many people avoid using it due to its bad odour. In that case, potatoes can be the best substitute to onions. Potato contains acids which stimulate hair growth. The following remedy will offer you great results. Take two potatoes and extract juice from them. Add a small amount of water to it. Then add 1 egg yolk and some raw honey to it. Mix it well and gently apply to the hair roots. Let the mixture sit for half an hour and after that wash off with warm water. Repeat the treatment twice a week for better results. This is an amazing mask and is sure improve hair growth.

Although there are many cosmetic treatments available in the market for faster hair growth but one should always prefer natural remedies. As many of the products contain harmful chemicals so it is best to avoid treatments that include harmful chemicals  Natural remedies will always save you from dangerous side effects and provide slow and steady results. Natural remedies are often cheap and easily available in your kitchen.

Natural Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

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