How to make nail polish from single use eye shadow

Place the eye shadow in a plastic bag that can be closed again. Grind it with the end of a paintbrush, a rolling pin, your shoe, the palm of your hand, a hammer or other hard object. Bring it dust. The more powder the better will be. You do not want hard pieces on your nails.

All you need is to be careful not to accidentally open a hole in the bag. That equates to a disaster.

Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and put the powder into a small container. If you have a tiny spice jar or bottle pigment vacuum is perfect. Or, use your old compact shade!

Add a clear nail polish to your pigment. Usually keep a ratio of 1: 1. But the more enamel will smooth and also will dilute color. Now you have a bottle of ruined topcoat. Excellent!

If a solid color is closer to your style, use white as a base. You may need the top layer to achieve the shine, but will be more opaque with white.

Shake the mixture and paint away. Use a toothpick, a brush or a brush to mix until the color is uniform throughout. Then take your tool to paint (again, a brush or a nail polish brush) and apply on your nails.

Work quickly. The air will arrive soon to your mix and will intend to dry it. If you start to lose moisture, just add a little more transparent glaze.

It’s nice to still have that bottle top layer, since you’ll probably need to apply color over if is too dull for your taste. But both are beautiful!

How to make nail polish from single use eye shadow