Insomnia is a disorder in which one experiences sleep deprivation and restlessness. Insomnia is of two types; primary insomnia and secondary insomnia. Primary Insomnia is a condition where the inability to sleep is not related to any other health issue, whereas, secondary insomnia is caused by an extension of an existing health problem, like. asthma or severe depression.

The most common symptoms of insomnia, include, weariness caused by the lack of sleep, having to consume large doses of sleeping pills on a regular basis and restlessness during the night.

Acute Insomnia is usually caused because of extreme depression that is possibly is associated with constant stress, unemployment or loss of a family member, as well as, uneasiness caused by the surroundings, physical strain and a routine use of medication. Chronic insomnia is caused by chronic stress or emotional stress and anxiety.

To treat insomnia, you have to fix your sleep problem by. Relax yourself with a hot bath or listen to soft music, and do not lie in bed stressing over your alarm ringing and checking the time every now and then. If you find that the environment is bothering you, make sure you make your surrounding as comfortable as you can. If you feel your sleep time is occupied by over thinking, the best way is to clear your head, by concentrating on a particular movement in your body or breathing in and out.

It is best to treat insomnia without consumption of various medicines. While they may help you sleep better for a while, they may lead to worsening of your condition.

Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if the problem persists even after having attempted to cure insomnia yourself. You should also consider seeking your doctor’s help if you feel that the sleep deprivation is causing other health issues.


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