Important tips for faster hair growth

Long and lustrous hair is one thing that every woman dreams of. Healthy and thick hair is the key to lustrous hair. But there is no shortcut for growing strong and healthy hair, what you can do is stimulate the hair growth with some easy tips and tricks. If you want to have a chic hairstyle for a special occasion you can try some basic tips to make your hair healthy.

Maintain a healthy diet

A well-managed diet is key to having healthy hair. Your hair health completely depends on the food you eat. A protein rich diet is very essential. Vitamin A, B, C and E are vital for hair growth. Iron and zinc are very important for stimulating hair growth. Eating food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can also improve your hair health.

Adding eggs and fish are ideal for stimulating hair growth. Eggs are rich in proteins, and they are the easiest source of protein in your diet. It will help in maintaining desirable protein level in the body. Spinach is a rich source of iron. Iron can channelize your hair growth and also save your hair from discoloration. Spinach and lemon juice is also ideal for maintaining healthy hair. It will increase iron level in your body and the vitamin C in lemon juice will help in hair growth.

Castor oil massage

Castor oil is an ideal tonic for your hair. Castor oil stimulates the hair growth and also thickens your hair. Castor oil is also used for treating hair loss. The ideal way of using castor oil mix it with any of your favourite oil. Take a bowl and mix castor oil and any of your favourite oil to it. Heat the oil and gently massage on your hair with circular motion. After that give your hair a towel steam and rinse with your favourite shampoo. Repeat this process twice or thrice a week. Castor oil will thicken your hair and steam will open the hair follicles which will stimulate the hair growth. If you use coconut oil or olive oil it will provide great conditioning to your hair.

Along with these tips also follow a good hair care routine. Wash and condition your hair regularly. While you comb your hair try the back combing method. Back combing will improve the blood circulation and channelize the hair growth.

Important tips for faster hair growth

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