How To Prevent Blackheads

Blackheads are unpleasant looking clogged pores usually found on the nose. It is not possible to get rid of blackheads by applying various creams or going through various skin care treatments, however, they can definitely be prevented by incorporating a few skin care remedies that can be regularly applied.


Hydration does not only refer to the consumption of water. Yes, water is the most important and the most recommended method of hydration but, when it comes to skin care there are many more ways to keep your skin hydrated. First of all, in different weather conditions your skin requires a different kind of hydration. In winter it requires healing hydration, whereas in summers, your skin requires refreshing hydration. Pores of the skin remain open in summers, therefore, using an oil based hydration would only do harm to your skin. Using oil free hydration gels, cucumber juice, water cleansing and salt can be helpful in keeping your skin free of clogged pores in summers.


Blackheads are the result of oxidized clogging in the pores. Antioxidants can easily prevent blackheads from appearing. Antioxidants are available in foods like beetroot, cucumber, lemon, grapes, melon, carrots, mint, etc. Consumption of apple and beetroot juice fulfills the daily requirement of antioxidants in the body.


Regular cleansing of the skin keeps the pores clean. For a more effective treatment avoid using chemical based cleansers and use natural cleansing options instead. Salt water or yogurt with lime are great homemade cleansers of skin.

Foods To Avoid:

It is not only pollution that triggers the production of blackheads in the skin, but also your diet. Unhealthy eating habits have known to affect the texture, health and color of your skin. Chocolate, sugar, food rich in carbohydrates, cream powder, fatty meats, peanuts increase the chances of blackheads as they suffocate the skin by adding layers of fat and prevent circulation of oxygen.


Cosmetics drastically increase the production of blackheads on skin. Oil based cosmetics in particular suffocate your skin, preventing oxygen from circulating or pass through. This increases irritation in the pores while keeping the dirt clogged inside your skin. To avoid blackheads, avoid using too much makeup on a daily basis.

How to treat blackheads:

If you have too many blackheads, you can always remove them manually.

  • Take a steam
  • Apply thick moisturizer layer and massage
  • Apply gentle pressure keeping your fingers on a broad surface
  • Remove blackheads



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