How to plant radishes in the garden

One great root vegetable to include in your garden is the radish. Radishes are great in salads and pastas. They don’t take up a lot of space in your garden either because you really don’t need to plant a lot of them.

How to plant radish
When growing radish from seed, remember that it is a cool season crop. They don’t do well during the middle of summer when the ground is really warm. Therefore, plant them early in the spring, or early in the fall for the best radishes.

Radish planting tips
One of the best radish planting tips is to keep your garden free of weeds. Weeds rob your radishes of nutrients as they grow, and you won’t have good radishes if you allow weeds to take over your garden.
Make sure when growing radish from seed that you keep the soil from crusting around the plants. This helps the radish become larger.

When are radishes ready for harvest
Radishes are ready for harvest when the plant leaves are about four inches long. You can start harvesting them right away at this point because the radishes are best when young and tender.

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