How to make rainbow roses

Rainbow Roses are the multi colored roses which are not artificial. You shall not believe your eyes after looking at these gorgeous looking flowers. Do you not think that these Roses are perfect for giving as gifts?
Now everybody will wonder how they did it. Most people will think that it is something like genetic engineering or cross- breeding thing. Some may hope to get a sibling and plant it in their own small gardens. No, you are in bad luck. It is not possible yet to grow rainbow roses in your gardens. There is a technique behind those colors.

1: Cut a perfect white rose from your garden with 8-9 inches stem or buy such.

2: You need to have water soluble colors. Choose four colors. Colors should be much different from each other with high contrast value. Do not choose both blue and indigo but replace one with violet. In the same way do not choose both orange and red. I shall suggest these combinations: RED-BLUE-GREEN-YELLOW, VIOLET-RED-BLUE-YELLOW or YELLOW-PURPLE-GREY-BLUE.

3: Collect four cups or glasses filled with water. Add color to the water and steer well. Add drops of color until the water becomes totally opaque. Four cups will contain four different color solutions.

4: Split the end part of the severed stem. Use a knife or sharp blade to cut lengthwise up to 6 inches.

5: The four ends of the split stem is now should be dipped into four color cups. It should stand erect. Otherwise give support to it.

6: Wait for 24 hours and see the magic. Look at the transformation of your simple white rose! Now take it out. After that bind the split ends using adhesive tapes.

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