How to look after your jeans – Denim care tips

An item that is not missing from any man or woman wardrobe is a pair of jeans. But what happens when their number increases and your favorite pair begins to tear. To extend their life, we need the best care methods.

I want to warn you that because some care methods are very strange.

It seems that most popular method and one who works, is to not wash them at all no matter how often you wear them. Thus, they do not fade and will not tear.

Do you think you resist so much to wear your favorite pair without washing?

Josh, a Canadian student, did an experiment wearing his jeans 330 times.
Josh had every time at hand paper towels to remove possible stains. Also, it was careful about the smell too. In case he noticed an odd smell, he placed them in the refrigerator.

Jeans protection methods are countless, but these are the best known:

– choose a heavy jeans pair because the fabric has thicker base

– try to remove small stains without putting in the washing machine

– shift jeans inside out and wash them by hand with cold water only