How To Grow Hair Faster

Women desire long beautiful hair because long hair looks beautiful and accentuates their beauty. Long hair gives women the luxury of experimenting new hairstyles and flaunt their styling sense. But maintaining long hair is difficult; it takes a lot of effort to maintain healthy, long, beautiful hair. Following are quick tips you should make full use of for faster hair growth.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oil massage is the most basic but essential hair care routine. Oil keeps your hair nourished and healthy. Regular head massage is the key to having healthy hair. Regular massage improves the blood circulation and strengthens your hair. Regular massaging will provide you great relaxation. Use warm oil and massage on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes.  Spread the oil from root to tip and leave it for at least an hour. After that rinse your hair with shampoo. Repeat this treatment twice a week. In a very short period of time you will see the difference.

Throw those Cotton Pillows away

Yes, cotton pillows are not good for your hair. Cotton pillows can be harmful to your hair and skin as it creates a lot of friction. Pillows made from cotton often tangles up your hair. Instead of using cotton pillows, try using silk pillows. Silk pillows are really soft and minimise friction. They are also ideal for getting rid of facial wrinkles. Using silk pillow is not only essential for your hair but for your skin as well.

Comb Your Hair Properly

Combing plays a vital role in hair growth. Regular combing can improve the blood circulation in your head and distribute the natural oil evenly. This helps in maintaining the moisture in your hair. Always do back combing to your hair. Back combing stimulates the hair growth. There are also some exercises that help in faster hair growth. Do shirshasana every day in the morning. The shirshasana boosts the blood circulation in your head and grow hair faster.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best ingredient which is always available in your kitchen offering great hair care. It will help you get rid of dirt and pollution from your hair. Apple cider vinegar channelizes hair growth and also helps in detangling your hair and reduce the frizziness. Take 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with some water. Use this natural conditioner after you shampoo. Rinse your hair with this mixture and towel dry your hair. If you don’t like the smell of apple cider vinegar, add some drops of your favourite essential oil.


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