How to get rid of Insomnia with Meditation

Insomnia is a threatening disorder. Sleep deprivation is more critical for the entire nervous and immune system, than people may realize. People suffering from insomnia are at a higher risk of contracting more chronic ailments, such as depression, chronic diseases, tumors, heart rate control, early aging, etc. Therefore, resting the mind and body is extremely important. Research and studies have discovered new ways of allowing the mind and body to relax; for instance through Meditation.

Since ages, saints and aesthetics, have claimed that meditation can bring more peace to your body than sleep ever could. Through a more scientific approach, meditation is to put one’s mind and body to sleep, consciously. In such a state the person performing meditation is absolutely aware of his mind and body. He is physically awake but his his mind is consciously resting. The three states of meditation take the mind to the Alpha state where the person in a meditative state completely shuts off his 5 senses (ear, eyes, nose and tongue), while being physically awake.

How does Meditation help Insomnia?

Meditation is seen as a process of conscious healing through which you rejuvenate your internal organs and enable your nervous system to relax. Insomnia is a disease that is healed by what it affects, that is, sleep. As meditation takes you into a comfortable and relaxed state, it triggers the natural functions that are responsible for causing sleep and relaxation.

Spiritual Reference:

Science is the physical study of body. Spirituality, on the other hand, studies the soul and core of origin. As energy beings, human beings throughout history have received healing from cosmic energy. Cosmic energy activate our five senses while we sleep. During mediation, as we put our senses to rest consciously, we receive an extra amount of cosmic energy that triggers healing and reduces the effects of negative auras.

It has recently been discovered that the energy fields (aura) around human bodies play a significant role in treating diseases. A negatively charged aura can cause a perfectly healthy person to become sick, and vice versa. Calming the mind and body releases positive energy from the body.

Insomnia is an illness of the mind. Using sleeping pills may not properly heal your Retaining the mind body balance through meditation, however, promotes healing and cures insomnia in an effective way.

How to get rid of Insomnia with Meditation

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