How to get rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

It is believed that dark circles are a result of fatigue and tiredness, or simply lack of sleep. Although it is true, there are many other factors contributing to the presence of dark circles under your eyes. So what exactly are these causes?

Dark circles are a thin layer of skin exposing blood vessels more clearly. Skin around the eyelids, also known as periorbital skin, is around 0.5mm thick as compared to the 2mm thick skin of the body.

Dark circles appear under the eyes with a dark shade of blue. This bluish color is the result of subcutaneous skin tissue that only allows violet and blue wavelengths of light to pass which leads to the reflection of blue color through veins. People with a dark skin color or a very light skin color have more prominent dark circles if they are suffering from stress.

Dark circles at times appear as bruises. As the blood settles around your skin, your skin starts appearing blue or dark. The ruptured and clotted vessels eventually start sagging the skin right below your eyes, making it look dark and bulgy.

As we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity along with the ability to regenerate. We often find dark circles to be common among elderly people, regardless of their eating or sleeping habits.

Other causes of dark circles include genes. Asians are known to have a thin skin around their eye area which makes them vulnerable to stress and have more visible dark circles.


Dark circles that are a result of biological or genetic causes may be difficult to get rid of, but there are several remedies that can reduce the discoloration of skin under the eye and improve the circulation of blood around the eyes.

Eye Exercise: Blood circulation is important, and exercise can help improve and regulate blood circulation. Close your eyes and open them with a full stretch. Repeat this several times from different angles. This will improve circulation and reduce dark circles.

Cucumber: Sagging and darkening of skin due to fatigue and stress can be reduced by using a cucumber patch. Put cold cucumber on your eyes to get rid of the unpleasant dark skin around your eyes.

How to get rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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