How to create a beautiful spring landscape in 10 easy steps

Now that spring is back garden tasks increase and depending on your geographical location, type of soil in your garden and native flowers you can start making arrangements landscaping, so we give you 10 tips that you should take into account to fix your garden and enjoy the spring.

1. Know your climate: Before you get too excited, question the type of weather that dominates the region. This allows you to ask suppliers of suitable plants for the amount of sun you have in the garden.

2. Research phase: As with any project of ‘Do it yourself’, you need to have all the necessary tools. Plan and schedule your activities, ask for help at your local nursery or your neighbors with more experience.

3. Pests: as part of your research question what are the plagues that have been reported in the neighborhood since these are potential enemies in a beautiful landscape. You may need fences, wire mesh or planting proper plants to combat these pests and disease.

4. In time: While you may be eager to plant flowers and grass you should also consult the appropriate time to plant in your climate and soil type. Many plants and trees grow best if planted at specific times of the year.

5. Growth plan: Estimate the growth that your plants will have in six weeks, six months, or one year. This allows you to make a proper distribution of them in your garden to have a balanced design later.
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