How Listerine can Help in Curing Foot Fungus?

Foot fungal infection can be very irritating and may also make your foot sore, swollen or dry. It is the most common concern faced by athletes, due to which is has come to be known as an athlete’s foot. This condition is quite painful and most of the time will require special treatment to get rid of.

As a solution to this problem, Listerine foot soak can be very effective. Listerine foot soak is a very effective and an inexpensive remedy for athlete’s foot and can give instant relief from swelling, dryness, pain, etc.

To get rid of athlete’s foot there are two very effective ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen and can help in relieving pain and discomfort. These two ingredients are:

  • White Vinegar
  • Listerine Mouthwash

These ingredients can be used together or separately to cure all types of feet problems. Here are some of the recipes which can be used for treating athlete’s foot. To prepare Listerine foot soaking solution, you will require a bowl or foot basin, blue Listerine, lukewarm water, body lotion, towel, etc.

To prepare the solution add the required quantity of Listerine mouthwash in the lukewarm water and stir them. Put the problematic foot into the bowl or foot basin and make sure that the whole foot is covered into the mixture of Listerine mouthwash and lukewarm. Make sure that your feet should be cleaned properly before you put them into the basin. Keep the foot soaked in the basin for about 30 minutes and let all the liquid get absorbed. Then remove your foot after 30 minutes and rinse it with fresh tap water. Later completely clean and dry the foot with a dry towel and apply anybody or hand lotion on your foot for moisturising.

White Vinegar for Athlete’s Foot

Another solution for athlete’s foot which can be prepared at home is by adding white vinegar in the Listerine foot soak. These two ingredients if combined together can work in relieving the pain and discomfort. All the types of vinegar can be used for adding in the solution but best result is noted with white vinegar.

Along with above mentioned remedy some of the other treatments for athlete’s foot are hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, tilex mould solution, foot soak or Epsom salt. All these ingredients are very helpful and can reduce the itchy discomfort. Listerine soaking solution is best amongst all the home remedies and can also be very cheaper and convenient to use.

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