Homemade methods for a healthy bright smile

We all want a bright white smile, but a teeth whitening treatment at the dentist can be quite expensive. If you do not want to whiten your teeth professional, you can do it at home at a much lower cost. Choose from a wide variety of products to achieve a radiant smile at relatively low cost.

You’ll need:

– whitening strips or splints

– whitening toothpaste

– mouthwash bleach

– teeth whitening pen

– Use strips or bleaching splints to brighten your teeth. Look for products that contain peroxide, as they are the most effective. For maximum effectiveness, most of the straps and splints require you to use them for one or two weeks at a time. The amount of time per day for use varies with the manufacturer and the product but, usually, use them once or twice a day, five minutes to half an hour. The use of bleaching strips or splints may brighten teeth in five or more tones.

– Replace regular toothpaste with a whitening range, which can lighten your teeth up to two shades. Some toothpastes can protect your teeth from new spots. Look for products containing blue covarine, because this substance can whiten your teeth immediately. For best results, use a whitening toothpaste two to four weeks.

– Use a mouthwash specially formulated to whiten teeth. These products do not remove old stains, but can help prevent the formation of new ones.

– Use a dental whitening pen if you just need to clarify a particular tooth or some specific spots. Peroxide pencil allows you to tackle specific discolorations in one or more darker tonen than other teeth. This method works if your goal is that all your teeth to have the same white shade.

Homemade methods for a healthy bright smile

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