How to get rid of Hair Dandruff

We have all witnessed the itching caused by dandruff at some point in our life, and we know that embarrassing feeling when people notice dandruff on our shirt. It just ruins our first impression.

Dandruff is the result of removal of dead skin cells from the scalp. They are white flakes that fall off from the head from time to time. Dandruff is a very common issue around the world which is usually caused by dry skin (the most common cause), dermatitis, lack of cleaning, the excess of washing, allergies to products and fungus.

Dandruff usually occurs during certain seasons of the year especially during dry winters. Dandruff also occurs when you are stressed out. Although there is no sure method of complete eradiation of dandruff from the head, there are certain effective treatments that have proven themselves to be better at getting rid of dandruff.

Look at your pantry

The best way to get rid of dandruff is by applying efficient home remedies that can be easily found in your pantry. If you have coconut oil, apple vinegar, baking soda, white vinegar, tea tree oil, or lemon juice, you own the most powerful anti-fungal compounds that can help you eliminate dandruff. You can also use olive oil to moisten your scalp and reduce your chances of getting dandruff. In addition, you can grind some garlic, which has antimicrobial properties which can also help in removing the bacteria that causes this problem.

Use pharmaceuticals

Some shampoos are designed as a treatment for dandruff. They are specifically made from compounds that instantly attack dandruff causing bacteria and also improve the health of your scalp skin; nevertheless, an excess of its use can be counterproductive. In addition, you can grind an aspirin, which has salicylic acid with an exfoliation property helpful for the affected scalp. On the other hand, antiseptic mouthwashes have antifungal properties that have shown favorable results in treatment of dandruff caused by fungus.

Look at your habits

Lack of personal hygiene and factors like dryness and dirt may also be the cause of dandruff. The best thing to do it is regular shower and cleansing. Excessive head wash also causes proliferation of dandruff, so it’s best to be careful and understand what is causing the dandruff in the first place in order to treat it in the right manner Further, try to avoid scratching your scalp even when it’s itching; it is better to use an anti-itch cream to avoid scalp inflammation which can cause hair loss.

Take in count your lifestyle

Stress can cause many corporal reactions that may contribute to scalp problems. Try to sleep adequate number of hours and do not expose yourself to extreme temperatures. A good immune system will improve your health more quickly.

You do not have to live with dandruff forever; the cure is just around the corner. Someone with dandruff could feel rejected and feel under pressure, but with proper and consistent treatment, you will not only free yourself on your dandruff problem but will also improve your well-being and self-esteem.

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