Foods You Must Avoid During Sore Throat

Sore throat is very irritating for majority of people. It causes inflammation and irritation in your throat.  Bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoking, pollution are some of the main reasons of sore throat, besides seasonal influenza. Even though the sore throat is not chronic, but it is important to treat it as early as possible as it can get aggravated if not treated immediately. If you do not treat sore throat when it is in its early stages, sore throat may bother while you eat, speak or swallow food or gulp down water.

Sore throat is very much related to the food you consume. There are various foods that can aggravate inflammation in your throat. Following are some foods you must avoid while treating your sore throat.

Rough textured food

The foods that have a rough, hard texture can be very harmful for sore and tender throat. The foods which are uncooked or dried, such as, dry toast or raw vegetables can scratch your throat and aggravate soreness in your throat. This type of food can worsen your throat condition. Instead of having dry food, always prefer eating soft textured foods, like, boiled potatoes, smoothies, bananas, ice creams, boiled eggs, creamy soups and much more. These foods are quite easy to swallow and will not harm your throat.

Spicy dishes

Spices are very harmful for sore throat as they can increase inflammation and exacerbate your pain. The food items containing spicy sauces can also aggravate your sore throat problems. This will further lead to extreme inflammation in your throat causing you great discomfort. It is strictly recommended for you to avoid foods containing chilli powder, cloves, pepper, and nutmeg if you are suffering from sore throat. Instead of these spices, include ginger and garlic in your daily diet plan. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and garlic is ideal for killing bacteria. Following are some remedies which are very useful in treating sore throat.

  1. Take half inch ginger and extract its juice. Add 1 spoon honey to it and simply swallow the mixture. Ginger will reduce the inflammation and honey will provide lubrication to your throat.
  2. To get rid of infection take one clove of garlic and crush it. Add some turmeric powder and jaggery to it and mix well. Eat this mixture before you go to the bed and do not drink water after that.

Oily foods

Oily and deep fried food is the biggest culprit of sore throat. Fatty foods are very difficult to digest. They can also reduce immunity in your body. Fatty food has a stickiness which can cause irritation in your throat. Instead of eating oily foods try to have low fat food such as fruits, boiled vegetable that come under fresh foods, to reduce the sore throat problems.

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