Dress-shirt favors any silhouette. Learn how to wear it from a beauty blogger

One of the coolest clothes in this year is the dress-shirt. A fashion blogger highlights that this is an item as simple as it is elegant & versatile and fits any type of silhouette.

“The dress-shirt is versatile and favors the silhouette. You can wear it in different times of day, in different locations, all depending on the accessory. For example, gathered at the waist with a belt or cord, with stiletto type shoes, you can wear it at the office or important meetings”, said the fashion blogger.

Gathered at the waist or left loose, worn with sneakers, boots and messenger bag, will form a casual, very interesting look. In the evening, wear it with strap sandals for a sexy look.

The dress-shirt goes well with gladiator sandals. They fit, as well, with platforms or ballet shoes. In terms of accessories, opt for bracelets, belts and oversized bag. The dress shirt can have flowering or geometric prints and needs to be short, just above the knee.