Create a homemade nail polish

Today there are thousands of colors and shades of nail polish, but what if you could be exceptional and create your own one? This article explains how to make nail polish by which all will drool!

Find an eyeshadow color you want. It may be the one you buy in a store. Some brands are better than others mixed, but all types work. The MAC Makeup Geek brands mix very well.

You can try to save a little eye shadow, but is really much easier if you destroy the whole thing. Therefore, choose one which does not have much affection!

Grind the eye shadow if necessary. Place it in a plastic bag for food and mill with a rolling pin. Grind until it turns into a fine powder residue-free lump, as you will notice any lumps in the final product and will be disastrous.

Be diligent with this. If you have lumps when you’ll pour it on your nail, it will not be smooth at your fingertips. Strive much now to save you from some trouble later.

Make a small funnel. This is a super easy feat. Just cut a corner of an envelope. If you already have a small, great funnel, lucky you!

Open the bottle of clear nail polish. Place the funnel on the top. Should be on the neck of the bottle, but not emerge in brightness.

To prevent overflowing cup, please make sure your clear nail polish is not completely full. Half bottle works well.

Use the funnel and pour the eyeshadow. And if you have a bit of glitter, also add it to achieve a glossy style. The more eye shadow vintages, the deeper the color will be.

Did you understand the role of glitter? It’s a great contribution! A contrasting color on your nail will highlight even more.

Add a couple of small steel balls (if you have them) to the bottle. This makes it easier to mix the enamel, and increases their longevity.

Shake the bottle until the pigment is evenly distributed. You may need a couple of layers depending on the tone you want.

Some eye shadows will be very dull. If that’s not exactly your style, just add a transparent top coat to your nails to make them look bright.

Create a homemade nail polish