Considerations on garden design. Ideas and implementation of gardens

Look at the environment: landscape, how are the views, the surrounding neighbors, etc.

Scan climate and microclimates of plot: light and shadow, highlight differences, prevailing winds, large trees and shade, orientation (north, south, east and west).

Know the characteristics of the soil: clay, poor in organic matter, calcareous, etc.

Measure the ground to make a plan or sketch if you do not have one.

How many people live in the house and make use of the garden? Are there any children? Are there any dogs?

What outdoor activities will take place in the garden: rest, lawn games, eating?

Would you care the garden by yourself or you’ll hire a gardener? How are the views from the house?

An orchard-garden is a space where horticultural crops are grown. The benefit is twofold: practical and aesthetic.

Try to create an arch of roses in front of the house. Is ideal to associate the stone garden (pavers, pebbles, granite) with wood (pallets, furniture, railway sleepers). Wood brings warmth and naturalness.
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