4 Ways To Get Rid of Facial Hair

It is normal for men to have facial hair, but when it comes to women, the same facial hair is seen as pretty unattractive, especially the hair found on upper lip, chin or anywhere else can be very embarrassing and at times annoying. To top it all, removing facial hair can be very expensive to treat. But luckily, today there are many cheaper options that can be used to remove facial hair.

It should also be noted that before panning to remove facial hair, you should check if you have any hormonal issues. In case you do have a hormonal issue, it is best to first  consult your doctor before removing your unwanted facial hair through a particular treatment, such as, laser, electrolysis, etc. Below are some of the most effective ways here is some of efficiently remove unwanted facial hair:

Laser Treatment

There are various types of laser treatments that have proven to be very effective in removing facial hair. The purpose of laser treatment is to remove melanin pigment present in the hair follicles. Although no laser treatment can remove all your facial hair entirely in one sitting but with several sitting you can achieve 70 to 90% success in removing facial hair. Lasers can also change the texture and diameter of the hair, which means that it can reduce the rate of hair growth and also reduce it in size. The only possible drawback of laser treatment is it’s exorbitant costs.


Electrolysis is a very painful treatment for hair removal which requires insertion of needle into the follicles of your hair. It treats one hair at a time which is why plenty of needles are inserted to carry out this treatment. This is also a very expensive process and may require more than one visit to get good results.


Waxing is a very fast and effective method through which you can remove facial hair. It is a very good alternative to laser treatment, and is effective for short term results as it completely rips the hair from the root. But waxing is a painful process. Your facial hair is pulled out quite harshly which can cause a lot of inflammation, irritation and rashes. Good thing is waxing can be carried out at home which makes it one of the cheapest alternative.


Shaving is certainly the least troublesome treatment of them all. It’s easy, quick, inexpensive and can be done on your own. The only problem is that it has to be repeated regularly and can cause faster growth of hair. Shaving also removes hair from the skin and does not treat follicles efficiently.

4 Ways To Get Rid of Facial Hair

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