10 ideas to combine vegetables and ornamental plants

The latest trend in gardening is a garden with ornamental plants. You will have a beautiful garden full of color, smell and taste.
– At one time it was common to mix flowers, vegetables and herbs.
– It is known that plants protect each other.
– Some herbs have medicinal uses.
– Serve vegetable containers and planters, located on the terrace, balcony or terrace.
– Dwarf fruit trees such as pear, apple, cherry, apricot and peach are excellent both in-ground and in pots.
– Use tasty climbing plants such as vines, Japanese raspberry and kiwi.
– Use red currants, black or white, or blackberry. Idea: hedge bushes with berries.
– Use strawberry plants as plants on the edge of your flowerbed. Also strawberries in pots, even on the balcony.
– Combine annual herbs with beautiful decorative leaves: dill, borage and parsley.

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